doors and gates.

The Swing Range

The Swing Range is the anti-flooding protection solution for those who find it difficult to position or remove barriers, or for premises requiring permanent protection.
Watertight doors and anti-flooding gates made of special aluminium staves and connected to the profile with sturdy hinges enable 180° opening.

Swing Range - EasyStop system

Practicality and safety

Swing barriers are particularly recommended for properties inhabited by elderly or disabled persons, situations in which barrier positioning may be difficult. With these products you will be protected simply by closing the door or window.


Basic Swing and Integra Swing are the gate and anti-flooding door versions which are fixed and guarantee excellent watertight hold against flooding.
The gate version is available up to a maximum width of 300 cm and 145 cm in height, however two or more Basic Swing models can be connected to cover large ways of access. Integra Swing, the door version, is designed to close openings up to 190 cm in width and 229 cm in height.